ViceVersa cocktail menu is build around classic Italians cocktails such as Americano, Milano-Torino and Negroni using modern and local ingredients. Favorites among the signature cocktails include the Italian-VICE, a love letter to the lemon granitas of the Amalfi coast, with bergamot liquor, lemon sorbet, and vodka. Our Spicy margherita, AKA Brucio in Bocca (burning mouth) with  Vermout, tequila and incorporates a Barolo marmalade alongside pineapple, and, akin to the Venetian spritz, Veloce is a force-carbonated creation with orange wine, mezcal, and Select Aperitivo. 

Complementing the ViceVersa cocktail experience are culinary offerings that allow for any type of evening, from a few light bites to a substantial meal with a group of friends. Extensive raw bar with dishes such as Treasure Coast oysters, Middleneck Clams with yucateco negro, Royal Red Shrimp Carpaccio. Appetizers include ​​Wood-Fired Flatbread, house-made culatello and coppa; Fennel Salad with piave vecchio, celery, and castelvetrano olive; A main highlight of the menu is a selection of neo-Neapolitan pizzas featuring daily stretched mozzarella and a dough made from local flours that undergo a 24-to-48-hour cold fermentation. Options include a Clam with white sauce, middleneck clams, lemon and scallion, and Mortadella with ricotta and pistachio. An assortment of housemade gelati, spun daily, and sorbet are available to complete any ViceVersa visit.